About Us

Welcome to Tanjung Lesung Villa

Tanjung Lesung Villa also known as Villa Holmestead and Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel and Resort. It is a beautiful three bedroom beach- front villa located on the West Coast of Java on a peninsula called Tanjung Lesung. It takes 3  driving hours from Jakarta on a good traffic day and 4hours maybe more if you meet traffic jam.

Yes its tiring. But if you compare it to Jakarta’s traffic jam, driving to Tanjung Lesung is somehow exciting and trust me it’s worth it once you arrived to Tanjung Lesung, you will be amazed guarantee. Whether you are sipping marguerites in your private pool, relaxing under the shade of a tree on the beach, or pursuing more adventurous activities in Tanjung Lesung. You will likely forget about the driving hours as you visit the paradise at Tanjung Lesung Villa.

The best part about Tanjung Lesung is that it is far away from the tourists, the beach still clean and private. Unfortunately, this means that we lack of nearby amenities like fancy restaurant, fast food restaurant like Mcdonalds and KFC and also big grocery stores. While you will find small marts like ALFA-Mart and Indomart along the way before you reach Tanjung Lesung. We recommend that you save yourself the trouble and bring your own food and everything you need.

Having said that, Tanjung Lesung have two excellent restaurant. One of them is very near from the Villa. Just two minute walk down the beach. Sailing Club has wonderful food and a very good prices. The best part that it is right on the ocean. So you can hear the waves roll onto shores as you dine. Another one is the resort in Kalicaa. They too have a full menu.

Come and Visit the paradise at Tanjung Lesung Villa.