Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel and Resort Directions

Take the Merak toll road from Jakarta in the direction of Merak.
Take the Serang Exit at marker 71.5km (the toll road has a marker every 250m)
Pay your toll and reset your odometer to 0km
Take your first left 0.1km
Take your first right (U-turn) 0.6km
Take your first left past the train tracks 1.6km
Take a right at the T-junction 3.6km
Take a left at the traffic light 5.1km

You are now out of Serang and on the main road to Pandeglang.
Once you are in Pandeglang you reach a traffic light at the top of a hill. Turn left here 26.4km
Take your first right (around the football field) 26.5km
Take a left at 33.5km
As you approach the village of Saketi you need to keep left 44.7km (as it turns into a one way if you stay straight).
Turn right at 45.5km and then keep left at 46.5km

The last reliable gas station (you might want to fill up) before Tanjung Lesung is just before Labuan at 63.1km

Take a left at the outskirts of Labuan 64.9km.

You are now on the final stretch to Tanjung Lesung. Follow this road along the coast for 30km until you reach the guard hut at the entrance to the Tanjung Lesung Peninsula. Take a card from the guard, and follow the road straight. Take your first right (you will see a sign for the “Tanjung Lesung Sailing Club” and Legon Dadap Village).  Follow the dirt road straight to the sailing club.  Enter the parking lot of the sailing club and past the cottages and continue to drive through to the small road on the other side.  You will find a cluster of 3 houses (The Beach House, Villa Holmestead and Pantai Lima) sitting right on the beach.  We are the one in the middle with a light brown roof.……Welcome!